Who We Are

Shop4job is the best choice for corporates to find suitable candidates for their businesses and for job seekers to enjoy shopping for suitable jobs. Moreover, Shop4Job is more than just a shop for linking job seekers and employers. Using more than 15 years of experience in the field of human capital management, Shop4Job became an integrated services shop that delivers a range of different services to corporates and individuals in the fields of management, human resources, and personal development. Shop4Job provides consultation services including the following different human resources areas:

  • Designing organizational structures;
  • Conducting Job analysis, and developing job descriptions and specifications;
  • Human Resources policies and procedures, and bylaw;
  • Recruiting and interviewing candidates;
  • Training and development programs;
  • Conducting salary surveys;
  • Designing salary scales.


Our Values

Our compass that directs our decisions and actions in Shop4Job is leaded by our values:

  1. Innovation: We provide innovative solutions that makes us the next generation recruiting shop with wide range of human resources services.
  2. Customer oriented: We save corporates’ time and money to find the best human capital they are looking; We assist individuals in finding their dream jobs and provide them with development opportunities.
  3. Quality oriented: We believe in high quality service and sustainable business with our clients.
  4. Continuous Development: We believe in the continuous development of our team, services, and technologies to ensure the best services that we provide for our clients.
  5. Integrity: We build trust with our clients through honesty, openness, and ethics.


Shop4Job vision is to be the best shop in the region that connects corporates and individuals and delivers a full range of human resources services to both.


Shop4Job mission is to assist corporates finding their best talents and assist individuals to find their best jobs, provides corporates with human management services, and individuals with development services.